Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Spinzilla 2017, Day 2

Here's my work for today:

Spinzilla 2017 Day 2:  3 oz Bam Huey (Spinzilla Test Purple), 3.4 oz white Merino, 4 oz SporFarm Shetland/Corriedale (Dark Red).

That's 3 oz of Bam Huey Spinzilla Test Purple (1.4 oz spun today, the second half of the wheel from yesterday), 3.4 oz white merino, and 4 oz SporFarm Shetland/Corriedale (Dark Red).

Please excuse the messy yarn cake on the merino, we got a new kitten three weeks ago, and she is a fiber thief.  I caught her triumphantly trotting across the living room with the cake in her mouth.  Evidently she hunted it down and killed it.

Sleepy time now.

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