Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Amaryllis 1-8

I have gotten seriously behind in posting pretty flower pictures this winter  I have orchids, and succulents, and amaryllis.  Let's start with amaryllis.

First to bloom was Apple Blossom #2 in November, which I got as a box kit from BiMart.  I bought one of these last year as well, but it still hasn't bloomed and I was determined that I needed an Apple Blossom.  The bulb was a little worse for the wear, but it bloomed five flowers on two scapes.  It still hasn't grown roots, and I don't know if it's too exhausted to recover.  Box kit bulbs are not top quality.  Hopefully a summer outside will build it back up.

Apple Blossom #2 amaryllis

Next up was Nyora, also in November.  This is a rebloom from last year and still very pretty.  Only two flowers this time around, and no sign of a second scape yet.

Nyora amaryllis

Next was Snow White, a new bulb this year.  I got this one on sale at a nursery in Portland, 75% off because it was mostly done blooming.  It had eight huge flowers on two scapes, but I only got to see two of them.  A lovely frilly double white.

Snow White amaryllis

The next five bulbs are also new, from a 60% off sale after Christmas.  I mean, come on.  I wasn't going to buy any amaryllis this year, but how can I pass that up?

Karoo bloomed in January, another big solid red. I apparently collect these.  I really like the reds. This one is very nice, with the pointy petals like Red Pearl.  (It's not as dark as Red Pearl, so that one still holds the title of The Best Red.)   It bloomed eight flowers on two scapes.

Karoo amaryllis

Amalfi also bloomed in January, a very pretty mini. Eight flowers on two scapes.

Amalfi amaryllis

Apple Blossom #3 came along in February.  This was a huge bulb, and had nine flowers on two scapes.  I think I may see the start of a third scape peeking out on this one.

Apple Blossom #3 amaryllis

Hot Lips opened last week, another pretty mini, with four flowers on the first scape and another scape on the way.

Hot Lips amaryllis

And lastly, Fire Dancer also opened last week. This is another mini, and it is GORGEOUS.  It's perfectly proportioned in its tiny cuteness, and I love the deep red color with the frilly edges.  Four flowers on the first scape and a second scape on the way.

Fire Dancer amaryllis

So there you go, the first eight to bloom.  I still haven't brought most of my bulbs from last year up out of the basement, so the show is later this year.

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