Tuesday, September 28, 2004

So I finished the second scarf last night. Yay! I think I have almost enough left on the loom to do a third scarf, but I'm not sure. I think I'll just weave merrily along and see how it goes. Then to warp the loom for the towels!

I also got out the rotary cutter and trimmed all the placemats and the runner I finished ages ago. That rotary cutter is pretty slick! A little scary, though, how sharp it is. Keep Fingers Away!

This morning I got the alligator clips and some copper wire to make my fringe twister. I plan to make it a three-pronger, so I can make twisted cording for edging ornaments and making bookmark tassels as well. I'm not sure about the copper wire (#8 gauge), because I don't know if I can get it straightened out enough. I may still try to find a wire clothes hanger.

Emma slept mostly through the night last night. She woke briefly at 3:15 (this seems to be a trend) and all I did was hand her her pacifier and blanket. She laid herself back down (first time for that!) and went right back to sleep. As she was laying down, she said "Mommmmyyyy." Very sweet. I don't think she's ever called me Mommy before, just Mama or Mom-mom.

No bad dreams last night- I dreamed that Emma was learning to weave, and kept showing me her samples.

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