Thursday, October 28, 2004

Not too much to talk about recently. The house purchase proceedes; just doing things like reviewing the inspection report, signing more mortgage papers, reading the community covenants and restrictions, etc. It still seems a little unreal.

Emma has been doing well as far as sleeping goes. She went 12 hours again last night. It's so wonderful! She and I decided this week that we are done with nursing. She's been losing interest for a while now, only really wanting to nurse at bedtime. Lately, even that has been hit or miss whether or not she'd pay attention long enough. So on Sunday we just stopped. She doesn't seem to miss it... :-( Another step away from being a baby.

I put the wings on her dragon Halloween costume on Tuesday. It's so cute!!!! I'm really pleased with how the wings came out. I actually sewed the wings on Monday night, then attached them to the costume on Tuesday morning before playgroup. It was so fun to see all the kids dressed up. I must say, though, that in my completely unbiased opinion, Emma had the cutest costume. But then again, she is the cutest baby ever, so how could she miss?

A side note- apparently the costume I got was not actually a dragon, but an alligator. Being the Florida State supporters that we are in this family, our sweet little girl could not appear in public as the mascot of the evil University of Florida. Shaun said flat out that she wasn't wearing it unless it looked less like a gator. He suggested flames coming from the mouth, but I opted for wings. I must admit it's cuter with the wings than without. Good call, Shaun.

I have had no luck finding a third skein of the blue yarn for the sailboat sweater, though I did find another of the red in the same dyelot. I may have to bite the bullet and just order it from the yarn shop, and wait the two months or whatever ridiculous amount of time it takes to get anything that way. While I was stewing about the blue sweater, I started the red one. It proceeds slowly- only about halfway up the back. Solid stockinette is just so mind-numbingly boring. I much prefer fancy cables.

The placemats on the loom are also languishing. I did finally get some more green sewing thread so I can do the hems on the fourth one, but I somehow haven't gotten around to it yet. Too bad, because I'm really looking forward to the log cabin dishtowels. I could probably weave off the third placemat in one evening if I put my mind to it, but inertia is hard to overcome.

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