Wednesday, October 20, 2004

So yesterday we went to the realtor's office and signed the papers saying that we would willingly put ourselves into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. We are now under contract to buy the house! We paid the promissory note (such an innocuous term for a $5000 check...) and now we just have to wait for the mortgage agent to lock in our loans at the lowest possible rate between now and closing, and we're done! Closing is December 15!!!!!

We had the inspection done today ($400). The inspector seemed really thorough, and looked at everything. He said the house was well constructed, and he saw no major problems. There were several things that should be easy to fix, and the sellers will do those before leaving. The three worst were: a trim board that is missing from around the top of the house under the eaves, a water barrier under the front porch/steps where it passes over the foundation, and a section of missing insulation under the house. He said the roof looks good, the foundation looks good, the attic and crawlspace are dry (except a little under the front porch), electrical is fine, water is fine (though we may want to put pipe insulation on the feeder lines under the house), and decks are good. Overall it seems like a good, sound house.


I worked some more on the blue sweater last night, and got about a third of the way up the front. The intarsia pattern of the boat is coming out well! One thing, though- I think I'm going to need at least one more skein of the background blue. Which means that I'll need at least one more of the red, too, when I get to the next sweater.

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