Saturday, October 02, 2004

Well, my frame of mind has improved somewhat since that last post. It helps that I got a lot of chores done this morning. A semi-clean house always makes me feel smug.

I finished weaving the chenille warp on Tuesday night. The third section wasn't long enough for a scarf, but I do think it's long enough for something, if only a little runner/table mat. On Thursday night, I warped the loom again for placemats, with a 5/2 pearl cotton warp. I'm using the green chenille for weft, because the 10 dent heddle is too widely sett for the pearl cotton, and I think using it for both warp and weft would be floppy. I finished one placemat that night. It looks OK, but I'm not super happy with the header and footer. I didn't want fringe on the mats, so I wove an inch with sewing thread and will turn under a hem. The thread was difficult to get an even selvedge with. I think I need a steeper angle in the shed, as it was pulling in fairly hard.

I think when I finish these placemats, I'll warp for the dishtowels in the log cabin pattern, but using two threads in both the warp and weft. That should make a more substantial fabric.

I like the way the chenille looked as both warp and weft, but the pearl cotton sure is easier as warp! The chenille shredded pretty badly if I didn't pay attention to how I handled the heddle. I think a chenille warp would be much easier on a table or floor loom. The rigid heddle loom can abrade the warp quite a bit.

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