Thursday, November 11, 2004

I finished the front of the sunflower sweater on Monday. It came out much better than the sailboat- the intarsia is much more even. Perhaps cotton yarn was not the best choice to learn intarsia on. It shows every little irregularity in the tension. However, I'm reasonably pleased with my results. I also discovered that I prefer to leave all the ends dangling until the end and weave them in all at once. It's easier to get the tension right that way.

I started a sock on Tuesday, while I was following Emma around the ferry. (Off-island for furniture shopping-eek!) It's just a Fortissima Colori yarn... self-striping jacquard. The stripes are red, yellow, blues, and the "fair isle" part is white and turquoise. I'm working them toe up, in stockinette to show off the yarn. Regular ho-hum socks. But it's always good to have a pair of socks going.

Emma has had a little cold the past two days. She was cranky and out of sorts, and had a low-grade fever, about 101, give or take a tenth or two. She went to bed at 5:30 on Tuesday night, and slept until 8:45 Wednesday morning! Poor girl. She's like me- when I'm sick, all I want to do is sleep. She had the fever all day yesterday, but didn't get to nap much. Kai was being really noisy and a pain. We got home about 6:00, she ate a little dinner (not much), and went to bed. I did give her some Tylenol, since she seemed so uncomfortable. She was up and crying at 10:30, so I got her up and gave her a snack and a drink (she hardly ate anything at lunch and dinner), then she went back to bed and slept until 7:30. No fever this morning. Yay! That kind of cold I can handle. No gross runny nose, no coughing, and best of all- I wasn't sick at the same time. (Unlike our mega-cold in May which knocked all three of us flat for a good week.)

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