Sunday, November 07, 2004

So I finally buckled down yesterday and started the front of the red sweater. This one will have a sunflower on it. I realized that I was wise to start with the sailboat sweater first, as my introduction to intarsia. The sunflower is much more fiddly, with more small areas of color. After the first hour or so, I had an epiphany of sorts, however. I realized that the key to intarsia is ....

***Accept the multitude of ends and the tangled strands of yarn***

When you just accept it and keep knitting, it becomes an almost enjoyable experience. I say "almost," because it still isn't as fun as cables. But at least it's going better than on the last sweater. It's fun to see the design emerging.

Perhaps intarsia could be viewed as a metaphor for life. Accept what comes to you and just keep going.

In a semi-completely unrelated topic, here's a scary thought. As Shaun and I were driving to work the other day, we were listening to NPR and Georgie's press conference. I said, "I can't believe Emma's going to be in school before that joker's out of office." As soon as I said it, I had to stop and catch my breath. It made me dizzy. Literally. Not just that he was reelected and who knows what he's going to do to screw up next, but that Emma will be in school in four years.

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