Monday, November 15, 2004

Warning- yesterday was not a great day, and this post is comprised mainly of ranting.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning the house and doing laundry. Our landlords are showing the house to prospective renters tomorrow, and I figured I should prolly pick up a little. I'll be so glad to get out of this house and into my own place. I wouldn't say I "hate" the landlords, but I do harbor a profoundly deep and abiding dislike of them. They show up (without warning) at random times throughout the year, I'm sure they go into the house when we're not there, they gave us no contact info for themselves (we mail the rent to his mom), they have two camper vans, an empty boat trailer, a ~30' sailboat on a trailer , and an outhouse (non-operational) in the yard yet complain when we leave things on the back deck or leaning against the side of the house. Like a lawn chair, a garden hose, or a box of birdseed.

I think they think that we're about 18 years old and renting our first apartment. When we moved in they explained to me how to clean the oven and kitchen sink. And it's written into our lease that we have to vacuum the carpet once a week. Perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that their last tenant was a complete slob, but I have in fact met their last tenant, and she's not.

And then there's the fact that when we told them (two weeks ago during one of their unannounced visits) that we'd bought a house and were giving our notice, they asked me if we could "get some of our stuff out of the house before they show it, because it's a small house and just looks smaller with all our things in it." Excuse me??!! I'm not moving half my stuff to a storage unit and living out of a suitcase for two months so that you can show an empty house. Your house is less than 900 sq. ft. Accept it. It's tiny. That's partly why we're moving. Yes, we have a highchair and toys in the livingroom. Yes, there's a crib and a computer desk in the second bedroom. We have a CHILD. Our stuff stays until we move out.

So I spent most of the day cleaning to get the house pretty. I won't mention that I did this by myself, since my darling husband escaped to work (this is Sunday, remember- the weekend) and to the gym. I won't complain that I did all the laundry, including his, and he didn't even say thank you. I won't even feel bitter that Emma had to play by herself since I was cleaning and doing laundry, and darling hubby didn't even come home until after she was asleep. No, I won't mention any of those things. I wasn't ticked, not at all.

On a happier note, I did start the first sleeve on the sunflower sweater after I put Emma to bed. I'm doing a center panel of 20 yellow stitches, with 2 gold stitches on either side, then the rest in red. We'll see if I have enough red.

I told you this post was mostly ranting. You were warned.

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waterlilysage said...

yeah, you don't have to move ANYthing out of that wee house before the fact.