Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yay! My camera is back! But because I'm an airhead, I have the camera with me but no charged batteries. Honestly...

We're going to the house this afternoon, to measure the livingroom and evaluate the colors of couch fabric swatches in the room. If all goes well, we will have a couch and chairs on order by this time tomorrow. The swatch that we're leaning toward is a deep reddish brown color ("Claret") that should go with the slate floor in the kitchen/diningroom/hall (which are directly adjacent to the livingroom, thus the concern).

The color should camoflage dog hair nicely, but will show cat hair. But since the carpet is beige, and the cat hair is beige, cat hair on the couch will be considered a "designer accent," tying the decor together.

Must get batteries before going to the house.

1 comment:

waterlilysage said...

ha! i have a good deal of designer accent in my two abodes it would seem.

congratulations on being about to buy furniture in my favorite color! that's very considerate of you!