Friday, December 17, 2004

We're in! We're in!! We moved into the new house yesterday, and I'm so happy! We rented a truck, and two very very good and helpful friends came over and helped us load up. I had packed about 3/4 of the house over the past week, so it was mostly a lot of lifting. (Sore muscles today...) We did have to scrounge more boxes from the grocery stores and liquor store so we could do the last of the packing, but really, it wasn't bad.

Emma was at the babysitter's house most of the day, which was great. Not great that we sent her away for the day, great that we could carry things without worrying that she'd get stepped on. Stop it. You knew what I meant. She was so excited when we picked her up and brought her back to the house and she saw her crib and all her toys.

Cobalt and Naia (dog and cat), on the other hand, had a very stressful and confusing day. Cobalt kept looking at us carrying things out of the house, with these big worried eyes that seemed to say "Are you going somewhere? What's happening? Are you going to take me with you? Where are you going with my bed?!!!" She was so relieved when I took her out to get into the car.

The cat spent the day in the bathroom at the old house so he wouldn't dash outside while we carried boxes, so he was super confused when we finally let him out and the house was empty. Then he had to endure a car ride in his carrier ("I don't want to go to the vet!"), then he was let out into a big new house that just didn't smell right. He spent the next six hours skittering around, jumping at small noises and sniffing everything. The master bedroom was the most terrifying, because the closet doors are large mirrors. Evidently there is another cat living in the house, who looks exactly like Naia. This cat must be driven away at all costs, no matter how much hissing and growling it takes.

We finished unloading the truck, returned it, and picked up Emma, and were back at the house by about 5:30. Shaun and I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening unpacking. The kitchen is done. Emma's room is done. The dining room is done. Our room is done. Most of the living room is done. The bathrooms are not done, but the towels, shampoo, and toothbrushes are unpacked. The office is still a disaster area.

About 9:00 the two friends who helped us move, plus one more, came over and we decorated our Christmas tree! Our first party! It was pretty low-key because four of us were exhausted. Shaun and I haven't had a Christmas tree for about five years, due to very small living spaces. It's so pretty. There's a corner of the dining room where it just fits.

It feels so great to be in our own space. As I was unpacking last night, I was almost in tears at one point, I was so happy. We have enough room to spread out a little, and the house is just so pretty. I feel so lucky to be here. It feels like home.

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waterlilysage said...

oh bliss. that's just lovely.

..even though i am green with jealously that you managed to unpack in 3 days, whereas thumbrings and i are still not fully unpacked after 6 months.