Sunday, December 19, 2004

What do I love about my new house? Oh so many things.
  • The dishwasher
  • The full-size washer and dryer (I can wash blankets!)
  • Showers that actually have water pressure
  • The full-size fridge with cubbies on the door that fit gallon milk jugs
  • So much kitchen storage that two drawers are empty
  • The pantry
  • Cream-colored walls
  • The linen closet with a compartment for the vacuum cleaner
  • A closet for my yarn and fiber
  • An oven with a glass door and a light
  • The light fixtures in the dining room
  • A dining room so we can eat at a table
  • Crushed ice, ice cubes, and filtered water from the door of the fridge
  • Carpet that isn't red shag from the 70's
  • Big windows
  • Close to town
  • Two towel bars in the bathroom

I could go on and on. I was sitting in the living room watching Fellowship of the Ring last night, knitting, with the baby asleep in the back room, and all of a sudden I felt like I was back in high school, babysitting at someone else's house. It's so strange to be in a nice, comfortable house and know it's mine. After 10 years of renting whatever we could afford during our grad school and Shaun's PhD, I feel like we're all of a sudden.... I don't know. Grown-ups? Real people? It's a very strange feeling.

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Amie said...

I'm so jealous... I was talking to my father yesterday and suddenly realized that where I live now - with my husband - is about half the size of where I've lived on my own, and those places weren't big either....

We're starting the house-buying process, but it'll be a while. Can I stay with you until then?