Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yesterday while riding the ferry and following Emma as she did laps around the passenger deck, I knit most of the leg of a cotton sock. This is Cascade Fixation yarn, 98% cotton 1% elastic. I made Shaun a pair of socks out of this yarn a couple years ago, and was really pleased with the results. This yarn makes great socks. The elastic in it means that the yarn itself is super stretchy, with memory. The socks hug your leg and really stay up, especially if you use a rib pattern. I used the provisional cast on method I described in a previous post, with a K1P1 rib on the inside and K4P2 on the outside. While it is more bulky than using a plain cast-on edge, I still like it for this yarn. The Fixation is a thicker yarn than the Fortissima- I'm knitting on US 2 needles and could have used 3's- and I was worried that the double layer at the top would be too thick. Once it's on a leg, though, it's just fine.

These socks will get (peasant) heels and toes in contrasting colors. I have red and green in the Fixation yarn, so these will be my Christmas socks!

In other news, I still love my house. I think I'm in that honeymoon stage, since I actually enjoyed unloading the dishwasher last night. Wonder how long that will last......

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