Monday, February 28, 2005

The best laid plans, you know..... I didn't get any carding done this weekend after all. Shaun and Emma and I went to Seattle instead. Shaun had to referee a lacrosse game, and Emma and I tagged along. It was a nice mini-vacation. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Seattle,where the view from our room was this:

The Space Needle!

Shaun went to his lacrosse game on Saturday night, while Emma and I hung out in the hotel room, ordered pizza, and read all the books I brought for her. I was going to venture out with her and eat dinner at one of the zillion restaurants nearby, but by the time we got to the hotel it was after 5:00, and I was tired since I drove the whole way from the ferry. Seattle traffic and I don't get along. I-5 (the major highway) was a mess, then there was the city-street-driving to get to the hotel. Anyway, I was tired. Pizza seemed the easiest option.

Sunday morning we got up and had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel. It was actually really good. Lots of times, "complimentary breakfast" means stale doughnuts and coffee, but this hotel actually had a real breakfast with eggs, ham, biscuits, toast and all the trimmings, fresh melon, juice, milk, yogurt, and muffins. And coffee, of course. It is Seattle after all. If you ever need a hotel in downtown Seattle, the Hampton Inn and Suites is a good choice.

Then we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. We'd never been there before, and it was great. Emma likes animals, and she had a good time though we only made it through about two-thirds of the zoo before she got too tired and needed a nap. We got there at 9:45, and left at 2:30. Not bad for a girl who usually likes a nap around noonish. She was so excited to see the animals that she just kept going and going, until she crashed. She had had enough when we got to the Rainforest House, and had a major meltdown. We left, and she was asleep before we even left the parking lot.

The scrapbook binge continues. I got some more adhesive while we were off-island, since apparently nobody on the island carries scrapbook glue. I had organized all the honeymoon pictures into page groups on Friday night, and I put together four pages last night after we got home.

So it was a fun weekend, though I didn't do anything fibery. I forgot to bring my knitting! The ferry rides seem much longer when I can't knit.


Anonymous said...

ha! i will get you to come visit me in a city yet! -sagelet

CrazyFiberLady said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. That view is spectaculur. I've never been to Seattle, but if I do get there, that hotel sounds like the perfect spot. Thanks for the description of the trip to the zoo. I might just have to take the twins soon. They really animals too.

You're almost motivating me to pull out the scapbooking stuff and finally get started on it. Almost :) I do hope you're going to show pictures of the completed pages!