Thursday, March 03, 2005

If you popped in to see knitting, spinning, crocheting, or weaving progress, I'm sorry but I must disappoint yet again. This scrapbooking binge has taken on a life of it's own.

I am now two-thirds of the way through the honeymoon pictures, and I'm beginning to think that I'll be able to finish that whole trip before I lose interest and flit off to another project. The problem is that Shaun and I just take so many pictures!

Since I have no fibery progess to show, and because One Crazy Fiber Lady was nice enough to ask, here are a few scrapbook pages I recently completed (sorry for the glare-ridden photos, I couldn't get rid of it.)

One of the reception...

And several of Acadia National Park and Great Wass Island...

Schoodic Point.

These are two of my favorite pages. The flowers in this botanical garden were so pretty!

Thunder Hole and island views.

Great Wass Island. My favorite hike ever.

More Great Wass Island.

As you can see, I prefer pages that are mostly photos, with minimal embellishments. To me, pages that have so many stickers and die-cuts and other frou-frou that they overpower the pictures kind of miss the point.

In other news, I'm pleased to report that I have been to aerobics seven times in a row, plus the first two times at the earlier class- Monday/Wednesday/Friday for three weeks. I haven't missed a scheduled workout since Feb. 16, and I feel much better. I've even lost 3 pounds! Not that weight loss is really the goal- I just want to feel better. But after six months of fertility treatments, 38 weeks of pregnancy, and tired-mommy-syndrome for a year and a half, a little weight loss wouldn't hurt. I may not be a tired slug much longer. The key for me is to just tell myself "This is what I have to do. It is not optional. I do not go just when I feel like it. It is part of my routine, like cleaning the cat box or vacuuming. Deal with it." If I don't build it into my weekly schedule, I'll start thinking that I can skip "just this once," and then the whole thing is out the window.

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waterlilysage said...

go you. that's awesome.

i need someone to staple that mantra about it being non-optional on my forehead or something.