Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Dad never fails to send me roses. What a sweetheart. Though I must say, I have never really gotten over the horror of working at a florist during the Valentine's Day rush. For several years, the sight of roses gave me the willies. I'm to the point now where I can appreciate them again, but even thinking about those three Valentine's Days when I was at the florist sends a cold shiver down my spine. It wasn't a very pleasant place to work during the best of times, but Feb. 10-14 were the worst. We processed about 400 dozen roses each V-Day season, and each had to have the end cut, thorns stripped, and either be inserted in a vial of water and wrapped in paper, or arranged in a vase. And delivered. Those of you who received roses (or other flowers) today, think a sympathetic thought for your florist.

In other news, here's the finished alpaca shawl. I believe I mentioned that I had only been spinning for a couple months when I made the yarn for this project. It really, really shows. The bottom half of the shawl is thicker and fuzzier than the top half. I was hoping it wouldn't be too obvious after washing, but as you can see, the yarn didn't change much.

The shawl is 56" x 56" x 80". Pretty big- that's a queen-size bed it's on. I may wear it around some and see if the top fluffs any more. I'm somewhat disappointed with it as it is now.

I "started" another project yesterday. This is a partially finished sweater that a co-worker asked me to finish for her. Two and a half years ago. I feel a little bad that it's taken me so long to get to this, but since she started it 13 years ago, I figure she can't be in too much of a rush to have it finished!

This is a picture of how it looked when she gave it to me. The back is mostly done, and the front is about half done.

I finished the back last night, and got the front to where the neck decreases start. This is definitely not a project that I would have picked out for myself. The pattern is nice, but the yarn is a weird pinky purple color, and it's thick 4-ply/2-ply cabled cotton. It kind of reminds me of Kitchen Cotton that I use for dishcloths. It's splitty and rough.

The stitch pattern is nice, though. Sort of basketweave, with crossed twisted stitches.


yoko said...

That is an awesome pattern for the shawl! and do I see little Emma feet in the corner there? :)

Anonymous said...

Things are about to get real busy around here, so I'm afraid I'll forget on while it's fresh in my mind, I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And it looks like you've got yourself all taken care of with some incredible presents!!! Wonderful. (Norma --

Shasta said...

the shawl looks breautiful! How did you get so far above it?

Sue said...

Thanks! I took the picture while standing on a chair and holding the
camera above my head. I couldn't see the camera screen, of course, so I ended up taking about 10 shots before I got one that was good! It probably would have worked better if the chair I was on wasn't a wheeled office chair that swivels...