Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Not much to report this time. I completed the front of the ugly pink sweater, and have started a sleeve. Amazingly, the front and the back came out the same size, despite being worked on by two different people, across 13 years. I really don't like the yarn, though. It's Bernat Gloucester 100% cotton, and I think it's icky. It makes my hands hurt. I have to look at the knitting all the time ( I knit by feel a lot, without looking) since it's so splitty. I'll be glad to get this project done and out of my fiber closet.

While knitting on the sleeve last night, I watched the first four episodes of Season Three of Alias. Actually, it was more like I gulped them down. That show is so addictive.

In non-fibery news, I have started going to aerobics again. I used to go on a semi-haphazard basis when we lived in North Carolina, but haven't been at all in the four years since we moved. A week ago, I decided that I'm tired of being a tired slug. So I went to a step aerobics class. Now, I liked step aerobics when I went before. I also liked the sort-of-kickboxing class I used to go to. I could do the routines and steps, and I felt tiredly good afterwards. However, I dicovered last week that I am not only a tired slug, I am a pitiful, wimpy, uncoordinated, out of shape, tired slug.

The instructor of the class on Monday was OK, I'm just really out of shape and was totally exhausted when we were done. The routines were a little complicated, but I did OK. The instructor of the class on Wednesday, though, talked really softly and wouldn't use the microphone, didn't tell us what the next step was until she was actually doing it, and when she counted down the steps (you know: eight more! seven! six! five!...etc), well, when she got to "One!", it wasn't really the end, it was just her evil joke and there were really five more. I mean come on. If we're going to do 13 knee lifts, start counting at 13!!! She also went really fast, so fast that I couldn't keep up, and she got faster as she went on. I actually felt like I was going to pass out, and walked out halfway through. She glared at me as I was leaving. That class was no end of frustrating, and in protest (also because I was scared and still sore) I didn't go at all on Friday or Monday.

I ventured back today, though. I went to a different class, later in the morning. Thankfully, it was much better. It wasn't as crowded, and the instructor was better. I think I can do this.


waterlilysage said...

you can definitely do this. you can do this as much as i can start going to yoga again and riding my bike and running. it's not been four years, but it's been since the fall basically, and i'm a tired slug too.

go us.

[and a curse on evil instructors with their sneaky dishonest ways. pfhthrpt.]

claudia said...

Hi Sue. Thanks for catching the typo on my blog. ;-)

I used to love step go for it!