Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Yesterday I spun one more bobbin of Ramb x Cormo singles, bringing the total to seven. Then I plyed them all. Most of them, anyway- I went until I didn't have three bobbins with singles left. Remarkably, they came out fairly even. One bobbin is still mostly full, and another has about 2 yards on it. That means that six bobbins of singles went into three skeins of 3-ply. Could it be that my spinning was consistent throughout all the bobbins of singles??!!! Wow. That's hasn't happened often.

I must say I'm thrilled with the resulting yarn. I haven't skeined it off the bobbins or washed it yet, but it is nice and round, the plying looks even, and it is so sproingy. Hopefully I won't have any unpleasant surprises when I wash it. It came out a worsted weight that will be great for a sweater. (Just an aside- I do hate that term to describe a yarn's thickness. "Worsted" is a spinning technique, which I did not use for this project, not a measure of thickness. Same goes for "2-ply," "3-ply," or "4-ply" to describe a yarn's weight.) As I was plying, the yarn reminded me of Brown Sheep NatureSpun Worsted. My yarn is springier and softer, but they're about the same thickness.

Tonight's plan- Skein the three finished bobbins, wash one of those skeins as a test (I want to wash most of the finished yarn all at once when they're all done, so it all gets the same treatment), then start spinning more singles.

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