Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I plied up another full bobbin of the Colonial last night, and it came out pretty much the same as the first one, so no picture. Plus I forgot to bring the camera home. I really like this yarn- the colors are so pretty. There are still some singles left on the bobbins, but I don't think there's enough for a full skein of three-ply, so I'll spin more singles before I ply again.

I still haven't started the second sleeve on Dad's sweater, mainly because most of my free time at home over the past two days has been taken up with looking for the DirectTV/TiVo remote. Emma carried it off somewhere on Sunday morning, and it hasn't been seen since. Shaun has looked, I've looked, we've asked Emma where it is, but no luck. It's not like there are that many places it could be! You'd think that if you look EVERYWHERE in EVERY room of the ENTIRE house, you'd find it. I just don't get it. There was only about a two-hour window between the last time we saw her with it and when we missed it, and during that time nobody left the house. It's like it evaporated. I'm sure it's somewhere, but wherever the hiding place is, it's a good one.

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Maryellen said...

Hi Sue:

Thanks for your kind words concerning my sister. I have your email somewhere but dam if I can find it. It's most likly with your remote