Friday, May 27, 2005

It reached 92 degrees here today. Let me repeat that... NINETY-TWO DEGREES!! What the heck is going on? It almost never gets above 85 here, and anything above 70 we feel like we're going to melt. It's only May. This does not bode well for the rest of the summer.

And of course, today would be the day that Shaun got a ride in to town for early-morning swim practice, taking his keys with him because his gym pass is on them, and my keys are in the diaper bag I forgot at the babysitter's house yesterday. So Emma and I are at home with the car but no keys, Shaun isn't answering his cell, and Emma and I have to get to work/babysitter's.

So I slathered us up with sunscreen, packed Emma in the stroller, put on a hat and sunglasses, and off we went. Now the walk to the Lab isn't long at all, only about two miles, but it's NINETY-TWO degrees out! Way. too. hot. By the time we got to the babysitter's, I was dripping sweat and ready for a nap, or possibly a quick jump off the Lab's dock into the freezing cold Puget Sound.

Hopefully it'll cool off a bit before we have to walk home this evening. I'm going to make something special and yummy and cool for dinner (haven't figured out what yet), because five years ago today, Shaun and I were married in a lovely outdoor ceremony at the Lucerne Inn in Maine.


Liz said...

Happy Anniversary! Mine was on the 17th (8 years)...hope you figure out something cooling to make for your special dinner. What is up with the weather? Here, we have had one day over 70 this month, and you're facing 90-degree temps. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

happy congrats, sis. eat some cucumbers. they're cool. -waterlilysage

Suz said...

Happy Anniversary!

and don't feel too bad about the 92, I'd kill for it. It was over 100 (105 according to my therm.) yesterday.