Thursday, May 26, 2005

Busy busy! Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I spun up another four bobbins of singles and rewound them for plying. I just love this color.

Last night and this morning I plied two skeins of three-ply. Lovely soft, bouncy yarn!

The top skein is 3.7 oz/222 yards, and the bottom one is 2.7 oz/135 yards. This used up all of one bobbin of singles and 3/4 of two others. I still have enough on the bobbins to do at least two more skeins of three-ply. The five bobbins above represent a full pound of the roving, two-fifths of the total amount I have.

This spinning is going really fast. Commercial top (this commercial top, anyway) is so easy to draft that I don't even have to think about what I'm doing, the singles just appear on the bobbin. It's like magic, like the singles are already there in the unspun roving, I'm just drawing them out and feeding them onto the bobbin.

Fiber into yarn. Magic.

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