Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last night I finished the third bookmark I sold at the fair. The friend this is for had originally planned to buy this one at the fair:

but someone else bought it first, so I said I'd make her another. No problemo. This was on Thursday. By Saturday, she said she'd been thinking about it, and could I change out the middle pattern? Instead of a star, she wanted "something Celtic." OK, sure. What exactly do you mean by that? Like a Celtic cross? "Well, yes, like that, but not religious," she said.

A non-religious Celtic pattern that will fit into a 1.5" x 4" space. I googled "Celtic design" and a lot of knotwork-type patterns came up, so I thought that might work. The only problem is that hardanger stitching does not lend itself to curves, so it has to be an angular knot, and not too complicated because there's not a whole lot of space.

So here's what I came up with, my Norwegian-Celtic fusion.

If you click on the picture, you can see that the X shapes are actually knots, with the lines weaving through each other. I added the pulled thread stitches to add a little depth.

Hope she likes it.


Kris said...

I have really enjoyed reading about you getting ready for the fair and seeing the doilys (doilies?). I am so fascinated by the work you do and these bookmarks are gorgeous. You make me stand back in awe.

Suz said...

I love that book mark! It's BEAUTIFUL!

If you sold those bookmarks online or something I would SO be in line! :)

Elayne said...

I've just been catching up on your blog after beating my pc back in shape.

You are incredible and so very inspiring, and totally deserving of all the tributes at the fair.

I'm so happy for you and so glad I found your site so that I can share in your dreams.

Brooke said...

You do some good work. I love to crochet but I have a friend who has a doiley that needs to be repaired. Do you have any ideas how or could you point me towards a good site?
Thanks Brooke.