Monday, September 12, 2005

Dear Comment Spammers,

While I appreciate your concern that I may have physically insignificant body parts or a lack of n.u.d.e h.o.t.t.i.e.s in my life, will you please LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I do not want to visit your music site, or add my name to your list of singles. I don't need a loan. I don't care what great and life changing website you want me to see. Go away.



I realize that this letter, written in great frustration and tenseness, will never reach those to whom it is addressed. At least I feel better. And it did take them almost a year to find me!

Alas it is you, dear readers, who must pay the price. You may have noticed that I have been forced to turn on that annoying word-verification option in the Comments.


(Please don't stop commenting!)


Maryellen said...

I too have turned on the comment verifaction system. What is this/ maybe thats why I haven't recieved too many comments.

Kris said...

I'm such a small fish in the big blog pond that I don't get spammed. I guess I'll know I'm playing with the big dogs when the spammers find me.

And I've learned something today.... I didn't know why all of a sudden when I leave a comment on a blog I have to type in the word. Now I know. Thanks for the brief but important educational moment.