Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's hard to believe that in just two years time, a person can go from this:

to this:

Happy Birthday Emma! We had a nice surprise party at the babysitter's house, and Emma was very excited to get to have cake. The presents were fun, too, but mostly there was CAKE!!

I've finished the first half of the Children of Lir scarf, and I really like the way it's working up. Last night I did the last repeat, the seed stitch edging, and bound it off. Now onto the second half!

I'm doing 15 repeats of the pattern on each half. The pattern is written for sport-weight yarn, and only calls for 9 repeats, but that was way too short when done in my much finer handspun. I did a test-stretch after binding off last night, and this half went to approximately 16" x 26", giving a total finished length of around 50" or so. I can't wait to see this done and blocked.


Liz said...

It is amazing how quickly they change/grow, especially in the first two years.

Happy Birthday Emma!

yoko said...

Happy Birthday to the Pirate Girl!

CrazyFiberLady said...

They really do grow far too fast. The monkeys will be celebrating that milestone as well in a couple of weeks. I can swear I was taking them home from the hospital last week.

Happy birthday Emma.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Joni said...

A (late) Happy Birthday to Emma! What a cutie.