Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What happens when I'm at work very late at night, and just waiting around for the autoclave? Fiddling with blog colors!

I make no claims to know anything (at all) about html coding, but I did come up with something that's not too bad. Does anyone know how to get rid of the Blogger default header that automatically inserts your blog title and description over the background picture? I'd like to leave off their text and replace the photo of the fiber with one that I added my own title text to.


rustyconc said...


To remove their title and description, you'll have to delete the




tags from your template. Then you'll have to

1) find somewhere to host your new banner


2) try uploading it to blogger in a post first
(but I suspect it will garble it since it tends to resample the photos... ) anyways, try uploading and posting it, and then using the full resolution photo [ you can see that url in href="" in the mess it adds at the top of your post when you upload the photo]

Either way, from 1) or 2) you have a url to your banner, which you can then use in an img src="url" tag in your template...

Claire said...

I like the new look :-)