Thursday, May 18, 2006

Remember my Thrift Store and how much I love it? Remember the alpaca at $2.00 per fleece, the $10.00 drum carder? Well, a week and a half ago, the Thrift Store brought new meaning to the phrase "a good deal."

That is indeed a pair of Zeiss 8x20 binoculars. ZEISS. The company that produces some of the best optics on the market. These binoculars are pretty much what I've been coveting for years: small, light, easy to pack and wear all day, and a bright clear image with almost no edge distortion. They're ZEISS!

There are no scratches on the lenses, they came with a case, and I'm in love. I tried them out on their first official birding trips when my dad was here, and they were perfect.

Zeiss. I can't get over it. Zeiss binoculars for $2.00.

TWO dollars.

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Kris said...

Man... you've got good thrift stores! All my thrift store experience involves stained clothes and broken TV's. And yet... I can't give up on them. I'm convinced I'll find a treasure one day.