Friday, July 28, 2006

So. The internet is a dangerous thing. I was surfing around a couple days ago, and came across an "For Sale" ad. This ad led to a phone call, which led to an agreement. This agreement involves a loom, a spinning wheel, and a trip to Portland, Oregon on August 5.

Dangerous. Stay tuned for pictures next weekend.

Oh, and I'm up to Row 210 on the urchin shawl! I'm a row ahead of schedule!


Sandy said...

Nice blog. I saw you listed on the sand creek blog. So, you are moving to Oregon? I was born there, in Salem, but have lived in Oklahoma and Maine most of my life. You are moving to a beautiful area, but it looks like you might already be in one.

I just got a table loom, and really don't know much about it yet, so will be back to check out your weaving.

Jennifer said...

I know exactly how dangerous the Internet can be ... I don't knit and haven't crocheted in years, but the other day I saw some pencil roving for sale on another blog and for the next 2 hours, I was researching how to spin it into yarn! I wanted that roving LOL!! Finally stopped myself and told myself I couldn't have any spinning stuff until I learned how to knit ... my 8yo wants to learn so we're going to try to learn together. Until then, I need to watch my step on the Internet LOL!

Leigh said...

Hi. I found your blog by clicking the "next" button on the Spinning Wheel webring. Congratulations on your dangerous Internet purchases!

vanessa said...

i can't wait til you post photos of you purchases!