Friday, August 11, 2006

I spent an hour or so yesterday afternoon, while Emma napped, plying up all the white wool. I took the wheel outside on the deck, and watched the whales and seals while I plied.

I started spinning this wool a month or so ago on my Ashford wheel, then finished the singles on the new Schacht. I had two bobbins from the Ashford, and one from the Schacht. When plied together, the Schacht bobbin matched up with 1 2/3 Ashford bobbins, then I plied the rest of the Ashford bobbin on itself.

Each skein is about 275 yards of medium weight two-ply. I haven't measured the wraps per inch, but it's bulkier than my "default" yarn, probably about 8-10 wraps per inch. I'm not entirely sure what kind of wool this is- the fleece was a gift from a friend, and she told me at the time what it was but now I can't remember. I'm pretty sure it started with a "C", and I know it's not Corriedale or Cormo. It feels a lot like Romney or Border Leicester (but softer), so I think maybe it's Coopworth. It's not super fine or super soft, but it is bright creamy white, fairly long-stapled, easy to spin, and has gorgeous luster. The luster wasn't immediately apparent in the unspun fiber, but the finished yarn fairly sparkles. So very satisfying to know that I took this from a dirty fleece, and washed, carded, and spun it myself.

I also measured out a 3 yard warp for the little two harness loom yesterday. We're using it at the Fair as a hands-on demonstration loom for the public to weave on, and I said I'd get it all set up. Why I said this, I don't know, since my warping board and new warping mill are both packed for the move! However, necessity is the mother of invention:

I measured the warp on the side of the steps down from the deck! Unconventional, but it worked beautifully. I even made a cross. I'll try and thread the loom tonight or tomorrow morning.

The Fair is next week!!!


Charleen said...

Yup, sounds like Coopworth, with that nice luster. I have a lamb fleece washed. Now I need to card it up and start spinning. What are you going to do with yours?

Kris said...

Wow, the scenery is beautiful and so is the wool. Good luck at the fair.