Saturday, October 21, 2006

I finished the two denim rugs last night. The larger one is the same size as the first one I did, 25" x 35", and the smaller is 25" x 23". I wanted to make them both the same size, but I ran out of denim and don't have any more jeans to cut up at the moment. As it turns out, though, the rugs fit perfectly in our oddly shaped master bath.

These rugs were fun, quick projects. A day to cut the denim, a day to sew the strips and warp the loom, a day to weave off. I wonder what will be next up on the loom? I think the urchin shawl needs to be the next full-time project, though, if I want to finish it by the end of the year.

I also spun a lot last night. I had an insomniac night, and while watching "The Notebook," "National Treasure," and an episode of Stargate SG-1, I managed to cover the bobbin with the froghair silk singles. This is 8 hours worth of spinning so far.

I do love spinning fine. I rummaged through my supply of assorted strings and found The Perfect Brake Band. It's #50 6-ply crochet cotton, from the thrift store. Now I can adjust the take up tension to be as gentle as I want, and the spinning last night was effortless.


Valerie said...

The rugs are'll use them for a long time. Mine has been in service for almost 20 years now.

RE: spinning frog hair fine...I try to put a strip of paper across the bobbin every now and then when spinning fine (I use a Post-It note strip...I've known people to use tissue or end papers from giving hair permanents) The reason for this: Every once in awhile when spinning fast and fine, it's easy for the thread to get away from you and get buried in the yarn on the bobbin. It's easy to think "it will never happen to me"...until it does.
Beautiful weaving and spinning! The paper ensures that you don't lose the whole bobbin worth of yarn if this should just work down to that layer.

bspinner said...

Love your demin rug!!!!!!