Thursday, December 14, 2006

Continuing in the quest to visit all my favorite places on San Juan Island at least once in the space of a week, Emma and I went to British Camp and Lakedale yesterday. It was drizzly and windy, so we didn't see many birds on Garrison Bay (British Camp). Lakedale on the other hand, being more sheltered, was playing host to two families of Trumpeter Swans, about 30 Canada geese, and a mixed flock of about 200 American coots, hooded mergansers, and American wigeons.

We went over to a friend's house last night for dinner, and I managed to complete two repeats of the edging on the urchin shawl while the kids were playing and the other grownups were talking about triathlon training. Unfortunately, that's the first time I've worked on it in two days. I'll have to pick up the pace once we get back to La Grande!

I'm eager to get home and finish the shawl and continue on the huck weaving. I only got the reed partially sleyed (warping front to back this time) before we left, and am hoping that the cat is leaving the warp chain alone! I left everything securely tied, but forgot to close the loom room door, and last night I had a dream that the cat was playing with the warp and had completely snarled it up.

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Leigh said...

Lovely photo. Yes, and I'm looking forward to huck weaving photos. Hope you find both the warp and cat have behaved themselves. C-a-t is the reason I'm so slow to get my loom warped. She has a bad habbit of waking up just as I go into work on the loom.