Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick list-y post, because I can't seem to get it together enough to write an actual post:
  1. Emma and I are back from Maine. The return flights were nicely on time and boring, despite going through Chicago again. It was nice to revisit all our old haunts in Chicago's O'Hare airport. (Not.) They hadn't made much progress on the construction zones in a month and a half.
  2. Kiri is stalled where I left off in the airport. I think I have 17 layers of leaves done. I haven't even pulled it out since I've been home.
  3. I spun for half an hour yesterday. Still working on the Sapphire merino/silk. I put the wheel away because I wasn't into it.
  4. I wove for half an hour today. I have about a repeat and a half of the huck lace left to do, then I'll be finished with the third stole and at the end of the warp. I put the shuttle away because I wasn't into it.
  5. I have spent the past two days doing (Shaun's) laundry and cleaning my house. It's really great to be home and with Shaun, but I swear, in the 13 years (!!!) we've been together, I have never known him to clean a bathroom. His tolerance for surface grime and laundry piles is astounding. He did clean the kitchen, pick up, and vacuum before I got home.
It may seem from that list that I have been in an apathetic funk. I have. Cobalt, our dog, is not doing well. About two weeks ago, she had an attack of what the vet is telling us is Old Dog Vestibular Disease. She also had an ear infection, which likely precipitated the Vestibular Disease, and she is very slow in recovering. She can't stand straight, walk a straight line, or hold her head level. She can't get onto the couch, her favorite napping spot, by herself. She bangs into everything when she tries to walk, because she staggers so much.

She's a pretty old dog, 13 years. She has been a part of Shaun's and my shared life since the very beginning. I don't know if I can face what I think is coming.


Kris said...

Doesn't the "list-y" format just make the whole blog post thing just "work out". I think I'm getting addicted to list-y-ness.

So sorry about your dog. It breaks my heart every time we lose one of the cats. I hope the little guy gets better soon.

P.S. I forgot to thank you for the shawl ideas. That helped a lot.

Miss T said...

Very sorry to hear about your dog. I know how difficult and sad that is.

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I understand all too well. I recently had a puppy that I had to put to sleep because she had a very advanced neurological disease that she had contracted before I had adopted her! It was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

Maryellen said...

I'm so sorry about your dog.

PJ said...

oh is soooo hard- there is no getting around it. Hugs for the next days!

jackie said...

I'm glad that the trip home was uneventful, but what a sad thing to return home too. I'm so sorry that you all have to suffer through the degeneration of a beloved pet.

And I know what you mean about men and bathrooms. Ick

Cathy said...

Oh, what a sad thing to come home too. I hope things improve.