Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today was another Schoodic Point day for Emma and me. Dad had another church meeting, so Emma and I went to play. We went to the point first, to rock-hop and watch the beginnings of the sunset.

I love the way the rich, saturated, late afternoon sun really brings out the color in the lichens and rocks.

It was sprinkling off and on, and breezy. The waves were crashing and breaking in beautiful perfect 3-foot barrels at the tip of the point.

After an hour at the point, we went for an hour's walk on the Alder Trail, on the eastern side of the peninsula. It was nice to get out and walk on a trail, instead of just driving through in the car like when Dad's along.

Notice that Emma is not wearing a coat- it got all the way up to 48˚F today! Wool sweaters and hats were enough. Woo hoo!

This trail was beautiful, so I'll leave you with this visual feast.....

birch trunk

alder cones

turkey tail fungus

a massive shelf fungus

It was a lovely way to spend a couple hours of the afternoon.


gtr said...

Nice photos! We've been having some weather like that, too: snowshoeing in deep snow with no mittens or hat; wierd!

But fun...

jackie said...

I'm loving the warm spell! Wonderful photos!

Leigh said...

What gorgeous photos. Looks like you're using your time well.

Cathy said...

Lovely walk. It's wonderful seeing what you see.
And the shawl is very pretty too.

cyndy said...

Beautiful photos, a true visual feast! really, lovely-

the Kiri looks great! all those leaves just pop!