Saturday, March 10, 2007

We went to Roque Bluffs State Park today, another favorite place from college. This is a sand/pebble beach, unusual in that it is more sand than pebble.

It was fairly warm, all the way up to 35˚F! The wind was still chilly, but Emma had a great time with her bucket and shovel, collecting shells, and running on the sand.

I do so love walking along the water's edge, looking for treasure.

Anyone who says that Maine is dull and bleak in the winter has never really looked at it. Once you get past the line of dirty snow at the side of the road, it is so beautiful. Click to enlarge this picture, and see if you can count all the colors.

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Charleen said...

You're right! I often fail to see the colors of winter but I see them in that photo. I'm enjoying virtually tagging along on your visit.