Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Panda cory eggs, 3 days old.

Well, it appears that I made a mistake when I said that all five eggs are developing. The top egg here is definitely developing. See how much s/he has grown since yesterday! And yes, I've shown the same two eggs every day. They're stuck to the side of the tub, so they don't move around.

The lower egg, though, doesn't seem developing. The crescent that I thought was a larva is in fact the shadow of where it's stuck to the tub. Oops. I looked at them with a hand lens, in really good light, and it was obvious that it was the surface adhesion that was making that crescent. Based on this, I may only have one developing egg, unless the others are just going slower.

Even one is still exciting, though!

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Leigh said...

This is exciting. I used to keep tropical fish, but don't ever remember propogating anything except algae.