Friday, April 27, 2007

Still no big news on the pands cory eggs. Meaning no babies yet. I lost one of the eggs (the one we were watching, that I was sure was developing) to mold, unfortunately. Waaa! I'm still not sure if the remaining four are doing anything. I guess I'll let them go as long as I can. It's been six days since they were laid.

I do have fibery activity to report, shockingly! I spun for a while yesterday! I've been in such a slump recently. I brought the wheel out onto the back patio yesterday, and spun while Emma had fun with bubbles and on her swings.

(That's the spiffy denim rug I wove, under the wheel!) It was a lovely couple hours outside. The fiber is from the 2002 Sheep to Shawl event in Friday Harbor. It's a Romney cross that we dyed in the fleece. We didn't use it all at the Fair, and I snagged some of the uncarded leftovers. I carded it sometime in 2003, and found it again last fall when I was reorganizing my fiber closet.

It's very easy to spin, though typically Romney in it's coarseness. After plying, though, I think it'll be nice.

That's about halfway through the spinning session- I finished filling the bobbin last night before bed. Maybe I'll fill another tonight!


jackie said...

sorry to hear about the loss of the egg.

I have already been planning where I shall sit outside and spin this summer. It will be my first summer with a wheel and I can hardly wait!

Liz said...

Sorry about the egg... I've been watching with interest. Hopefully they'll do their little dance again soon! :)

Swanknitter said...

We don't see Romney offered here in Australia, and I've heard people say it's their favourite wool. You say it's coarse which is also what I've heard. Depends on the sheep?