Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Panda cory fry, four days old.

The four cories that hatched on Saturday are now a smidge over 1/4" long. Their yolk sacs are completely absorbed, and so far so good on the diet of mashed egg yolk and powdered flakes. (Sorry about the cloudy water in that picture- I forgot I had planned to take a picture until after I had already fed them, so there's a bit of egg yolk floating around.)

I promise I'll eventually get back to fibery things. It's been all fish, all the time with me, lately. Though my computer died on Sunday, so I did do a bit more knitting on Kiri. I'm trying to decide when to stop knitting the body and start the edging.

The computer's problem was the motherboard. Fried. The screen went blank in the middle of doing something, the computer turned off, and wouldn't turn back on. Shaun called tech support (this used to be his computer, so it's registered in his name), and wonder of wonders, it was still under warranty. They sent a new motherboard to the nearest repair guy, and he came to fix it today. An actual real person! To fix my computer! In my house! Without mailing it to the factory or waiting a month! He came from BOISE, IDAHO! Three hour drive! To fix my computer!

I was impressed. Thanks, Dell. And the "still under warranty" part? Nice. Free. Free is good.


jackie said...

I've been interested in your fish, so keep talking about them lady!
And how sweet is an immediate, free service call in your HOME! Butter buy a lotto ticket. Someone is smiling on you!

PJ said...

Oh, wow! What wonderful service. cool! what cute wittle fishes!