Monday, April 30, 2007

I finished spinning the red Romney last night, plied it, and washed it. It came out nice- 7.2 oz, 572 yards, about 12 wpi. I spun this semiwoolen, drafting forward and letting go to allow the twist to pop into the fiber mass before drafting again. Lustrous and fairly soft, considering it's Romney, though that's outerwear-soft, not next-to-the-skin-soft. It would be a great sweater yarn, if it were three-ply (this is two), and if I had a couple more pounds of it. I may weave with this, or put it up in my shop. Haven't decided yet.

The panda cories are doing well. Perhaps too well. All four babies are still swimming around, and yesterday, I found 11 more eggs in the main tank. E.L.E.V.E.N. I picked them off the java fern and put them in with the fry, but I don't know what I'm going to do with 15 more cories if all these grow up. If the adults keep this up, the eggs will have to stay in the main tank and take their chances against the gauntlet of adult fish. (I'm not even thinking about a bigger tank, no no no no no......)

The fry's yolk sacs are noticeably smaller today, but I can't tell if they are eating the powdered flake food and mashed egg yolk I've been feeding them. I've been doing twice-daily water changes in their little tub, and they are definitely using the java fern as a refuge. This is such a fun process to watch. I do indeed feel like a proud mama.

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jackie said...

Wow! I go away for a few days and suddenly there are fry!
YOur yarn is beautiful!
And I think that fish lay eggs in the thousands for a reason!