Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have finished spinning the first four ounces of the blue 80:20 merino:silk fiber, and I am enjoying this project so, so much.

That is a firmly packed rewound bobbin, containing approximately eleventy jillion miles of 80-90 wpi singles. It took me almost an hour to rewind that bobbin from the one the singles were spun onto, and that was using a bobbin winder!

I really like the way the white silk lightened up the dark, dark blue merino. The singles definitely look blue now, not as almost-black as the merino looked when unspun.

You might think that after spinning all that, I'd be tired of this fiber, but surprisingly, I'm not. I started the second half of the fiber this morning, and continued this afternoon at spinning group. The preparation has been so beautifully done that the fiber just flows.

At least part of the enjoyment is my "spinning station."

This is the chair I mentioned a few posts ago, the one that fits me perfectly. Nothing fancy, just a plain chair with the right dimensions. Comfy chair, delicious fiber, and a fast wheel.



Anonymous said...

oh purty. what a relief. never know when one buys off the intertubes. -sagelet

jackie said...

Why are you spinning thread? ;-)
Really, that is just too beautiful! I'm not enjoying what I am spinning right now and it really does make a difference in how often you sit down in front of the wheel!

Marie said...

Beautiful! I love the color and how it shines. Any plans for the yarn?

Cathy said...

Oh nice yarn! What are your plans for it - not that that's required for spinners! I love your spinning spot. I sit beside my aquarium and rest my eyes on my fish. Now I'll know you are, too.

CrazyFiberLady said...

That is some absolutely gorgeous spinning.