Sunday, July 22, 2007

For the first time since MS3 began, I have no finished Mystery Stole clue to show you on Friday night/Saturday morning. I did Chart E (half of Clue 4) Friday, and will get to the rest later today (yes, I'm writing a blog post at 1:30 am). We were off island all day Saturday, for Shaun's swim race in Bellingham, and lace knitting with beads and a large chart is definitely not ferry knitting (not when you have a three year old in tow, anyway).

I do, however, have a finished object to my credit.

759 pages.
6 1/2 hours.

I love the first-time reading of a book, especially in a series I like- that feeling of not knowing what will happen next, what the characters will do, not being able to put the book down.

All I will say about the book itself-- if you enjoyed any of the Harry Potter books, you must read this one as soon as possible.


PJ said...

WOW!!!! your days must be longer than 24 hours! You can read that book in no time flat and knit is amazing time. You have super powers!

jackie said...

I was out of the house almost all of Saturday, but spent Sunday with my head buried in the same book. I have been forbidden to speak about it with my husband until he has read at, and at the same time, he is making wild predictions and then looking to me to see if he is right! I just smile serenely.