Monday, August 20, 2007

I finished knitting the new Chevron Shawl yesterday. This is was a fast knit, once the Fair excitement was over. I haven't blocked it yet, since I'm going to overdye it when we get back to La Grande. It will just have to stay in this rumpled state for two more weeks.

This ended up using 908 yards, 218 g (7.7 oz) of Brown Sheep Wildfoote yarn. This is a ~450 yd. difference from what I originally wrote in the pattern, which corresponds roughly to the size skeins I got off my jumbo Ashford bobbins for this weight yarn. I can only assume that one of the skein labels went missing while I was knitting and didn't get added into the final tally, or possibly I mistook a "9" for a "4" when I was transferring the numbers to the computer.

I'm going to call this a 950-yard pattern. Off to notify the purchasers and modify the pattern. I can't believe I made a mistake this big. Grrrr.

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Leigh said...

It's lovely! I doubt it would be a fast knit for me though. I'm the original all thumbs knitter.