Friday, November 02, 2007

I made several little Loomette squares a couple days ago, with some of the leftovers from my hat, and yesterday I turned them into these:

Both have a lavender sachet packet inside. Yes, I'm still using the lavender I harvested from my garden in Friday Harbor! It's been living in the freezer, and smells as strong as when I picked it.

The one on top is two plainweave squares, one of which has an embroidered lavender flower (#5 perle cotton, freehanded). The other is made up of two pattern weaves, even though the pattern doesn't show up too well with the variegated yarn. One side has a twill diamond on a plainweave background:

The other side is an allover 3-1 twill, which shows up a bit better.

The lavender has an interesting story- When we sold our house in Friday Harbor, I rooted several cuttings from the big lavender plant, the gorgeous fragrant one that the lavender in these sachets comes from. I gave one of the cuttings to my sister and kept one for myself. My little plantlet met an unfortunate end last March, when Emma and I were in Maine for six weeks and Shaun was in charge of watering the houseplants here in Oregon. I was quite sad to lose my lavender plant, since it came from the very first house I ever owned.

But, my sister still had a cutting! Hers was thriving in Philadelphia. When she got married last month, we put sprigs of lavender in her bouquet, from my/her plant. I brought two of those sprigs home with me, through three airports and two dry and cramped airplanes. I stuck them in flowerpots with plastic bag mini-greenhouses over them, set them on my bathroom windowsill, and let them be (watering when dry).

I took the bags off this past weekend, and the sprigs seem to be rooted, and have started growing.

From my first owned home in Friday Harbor, to my sister's first owned home in Philadelphia, to her wedding bouquet, to my home in Oregon. Lavender with history. This makes me happy.


marti said...

lavendar with history indeed! i love the little sachets, what a great use for yarn left overs!

Anonymous said...

hey. so we need to talk. i've cut senor lavender plant back for bringing inside. i'd thought to dry the lavender cuttings to use for sachets.

is that not the right strategy? i should freeze them before they dry out?

please advise.


PJ said...

So, I have a pot of lavender outside which it's getting too cold...they were from seeds and just started to grow. So I need to bring it in infront of the window and water when dry and they will be ok? I want to do the same thing..harvest my own some day. Your sachets are beautiful!