Thursday, November 01, 2007

You are now reading the blog of an employed person!! My first day was today, and it went well. I'm going to be working part time for now, and it seems like it will be good. I have a desk and everything! I even have a project already- the environmental reports and permits for a diversion dam removal and fish-friendly replacement on a creek near the Hood River.

I drop off Emma at preschool at 8:30, go to work, the daycare transports her from preschool to daycare at 11:30, and I pick her up from daycare at 1:00.

The people at the company are nice, seem happy to be working there, and it's a pleasant environment. I'm excited!


jackie said...

congratulations! Part time is a good way to start back. You don't get burnout as easily and you don't have to give up full days with your kid.

yoko said...


Kris said...

Congratulations. Sounds like a great set up for both you and Emma.