Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I've been spending much longer than thought I was going to on Ravelry. It's just so nice to be able to browse all kinds of patterns in one place, see how they look in different yarns, and most of all- click away to bookmark the ones I like.

I've decided that my next lace project after Mystic Waters MUST be the Forest Path Stole. It's been lurking around in my mind for a while, whispering to me, but the more I look at the projects in my Ravelry queue, the more it calls to me. All those beautiful leaves.

I must knit this. Possibly in handspun. I have all that Merino x Columbia, don'tcha know. And a ball of tussah silk top for blending.

Now to get my hands on that pattern...... My library doesn't carry Interweave Knits, so no free magazine pattern for me.


Anonymous said...

Interlibrary loan, maybe?

Laritza said...

I had half of that shawl made and did not like the yarn. Ripped. But I do want to knit it. I think it is absolutely beautiful. The new Interweave book has the pattern: The best of Interweave. The price is very right and the book has lots of other pretty patterns. I bought the book because the original pattern in the magazine has a mistake or two. Plus the book is very pretty :D
Ravelry IS a time sucker that is for sure!

jackie said...

That pattern is drop dead gorgeous! No wonder you want to knit it.