Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quick list:
  1. I have joined the gym here and will supposedly be starting to exercise regularly again. Actually, Shaun joined the gym, and dragged me along onto his membership, kicking and screaming (whining and couchpotato-ing). I would love to lose some weight and regain some energy, though, so I'll do it. I went to a spin class (exercise-bike-spin-class, not my preferred kind of spin class that involves yarn) last night, and it was painful. My rear went numb from the uncomfortable bike seat, my legs were screaming at me this morning, and my sit-bones still hurt. I cringe at the thought of getting back on that bike tomorrow. It was a good workout, though. We'll see if I can keep up with it.
  2. Knit a bit more on Mystic Waters, and am about halfway through the second set of charts. Still liking the pattern, though it's taking a bit of concentration to keep track of my place on the chart.
  3. I have another idea for a hat percolating in my brain, and may write it up as a formal pattern.
  4. Work continues to be good. I got a lot accomplished in my four hours today.
  5. That's really about it. I'm tired. I'm out of interesting things to say.


Suz said...

Yay for your gym membership!! Dare I hope for you that you'll go because not going would be a waste of money and that's no good?

I can't do spin classes. I tried one once, but my knee can't handle it at all. I love my pilates class, but the instructor is also the spin instructor and she keeps inviting me. I hate to keep turning her down, but it's not a "good" pain.

cyndy said...

Sounds like things are going well--
I hope you reach your goals at the gym--

the hat sounds it when a project percolates..

Leigh said...

...... but obviously you aren't out of interesting things to do!