Tuesday, January 01, 2008

OK, sorry for being so grumpy yesterday. I think the exercise helped.

New Year's Eve wasn't horrible. Actually, it was fun. We decided to only go to one party, the one at my boss's house, and it was pretty low key. Four families, total of six kids, and the grownups played card games while the kids amused themselves. We were ALL up till midnight (Emma up till midnight! Yikes!)

Emma was the youngest by several years, and she pretty much bossed all the other kids around. She even had the two ~10 year old boys playing doll dressup with her. She also enjoyed chasing them around, saying "I'm going to marry you!" when she caught them. Oy. Keep in mind that she just met these kids last night.

Today we're lazing around the house. Emma's watching TV. I should probably go put some laundry in. Yawn.... Maybe later....

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jackie said...

Your night sounds like our night. Very low key and very enjoyable and a mix of adults playing cards and kids amusing themselves. I am so past the days of loud drunken house parties.