Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, finally, here's the spinning I did last week. This was a bundle of fiber my sister sent me for Christmas, from her local farmshare in Philadelphia.

The wool is a rare breed, Tunis, from Lindenhof Farm. A little google digging revealed that this farm is in Kirkwood, PA, 60 miles west of Philly, and the fiber was processed at Ohio Valley Natural Fibers.

8.2 oz.
425 yards
10-12 wpi

It was nice fiber, though not the softest, and the preparation was somewhat neppy. It also had quite a bit of VM, though mostly not-too-pokey grass. I was inordinately entertained by watching the little bits of grass fly out as I spun. I really enjoyed spinning this, and am envisioning it as the yoke of a sweater. The three-ply came out bouncy and just right for a cozy warm outer garment.

And here's what I did last night:

Yes, another pair. Same materials and needles as all the rest of the pairs I have made. The yarn came out a nice marbled purple. I made these in response to a request from a potential Etsy customer, but I haven't heard back from her so I just put them up in my shop, and as far as I'm concerned they're fair game if anyone wants them.

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sagelet said...

huzzah! nice to see this spun. i did wonder whether it would be too scratchy, once i saw it. (bought sight unseen, as with all the farmshare goodies.)

nice mits!