Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another pretty for my shop, "Embers," 3.5 oz/245 yds of merino DK, in very rich reds and oranges.

This is another failure-turned-success through the magic of overdyeing. This is the red and yellow skein from my dye day last October. While the original dye job was fine as it was, I couldn't look at it without seeing ketchup and mustard. The yellow was just too bright, and the contrast between the red and yellow was too pronounced.

So last night I dunked the skein in a weak red dyepot. The bright yellow turned orange, and the red deepened. Very nice.


jackie said...

I love what over dye and do! That is really pretty!

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

Love the colour and it looks cheerful!