Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do you ever feel like you're frantically busy all day, but when you look back it seems like you got nothing accomplished?

Yeah, I'm there.

In other news, we're still not moved. Tonight I attack the kitchen.

I guess the good news is that what we have managed to move to the new house is mostly put away.

(Aside: we have way too much stuff. This needs to change.)


elizabeth said...

Don't we ALL have too much stuff?!? I desperately need to clean out the attic. That should be my dead of winter project.

Caroline M said...

Moving is good for clearing out clutter. We have not moved for 17 years so you can only imagine the state of our garage and attic.

PJ said...

Some how I think I have way more 'too much' stuff than you...and I noticed that every move as well!!!! It's hard to let some things go...but I feel for you and packing. blah! Of course, fun new experiences in the new place to come :)