Saturday, February 14, 2009

I finally finished spinning and plying the gray-brown Friday Harbor wool that I recarded last month. Yummy, yummy 3-ply...

The finished yarn softened up beautifully, considering it's Romney/Border Leicester. It's not next-to-the-skin soft, but perfect for a sweater.

I thought I had 8 oz of this wool, but it turns out I have 12.9 oz. I'm not sure where I came up with the number 8, since the bag doesn't have any markings on it. Perhaps I was hallucinating, what with the excitement of the new carder arriving...


12.9 oz
675 yards
833 yards per pound
10-12 wraps per inch

I had a semi-plan to combine this with the Tunis I spun in January 2008, and knit a yoked sweater. It wasn't a full-blown plan, because I didn't even look at the Tunis yarn or check my blog archive or anything for the grist or wpi on the Tunis. I just sat down and spun relaxing yarn, and left it to fate whether the Romney/Border Leicester yarn would be remotely the same as the Tunis. I did remember it was 3-ply, and slightly heavier than my default yarn.

Turns out I was spot on. When I went back in my archive to get the link for this post, I discovered that the Tunis is also 10-12 wpi, and 833 ypp.

How the heck did that happen?


Laritza said...

I was going to leave this as a comment in your blog. But it has turned out longer than I intended, so I am posting it on my blog. I think you will find it interesting

Caroline M said...

Maybe you have more than one default setting. It is a lovely colour and the extra 50% must have been a real bonus for you.