Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I did something this weekend I haven't done in a long time. I pulled out my cross stitch supplies. I haven't stitched in years, but I suddenly just felt like making something.

I didn't, however, feel like jumping right into one of my unfinished projects. I did pull them all out and look at them, and I really should finish them off because they're pretty. The two big ones are Great Blue Heron from Crossed Wing Collection, and Gathering Place by Stoney Creek.

Anyway, I didn't feel like doing a big project. So I made a little piece of frivolity.

I charted out my snail avatar and stitched it up. I thought it would be cool to have a "nametag" at the Sock Summit, and this is sort of an unobtrusive way to do that. Am I a dork? I'm afraid I may be.

It's about 2" x 2.5", and is stitched with two strands of floss over-one on 28-count Monaco. I was originally going to make it into a pin, but Emma was quite emphatic that it should be a necklace.

So in addition to making the twisted cord to go around the edge (4 strands of 5/2 perle cotton doubled on itself), I made a twisted cord for the necklace part (2 strands of 5/2 cotton, doubled on itself). It's entirely hand-stitched around a base of cardboard and batting. I love the way the twisted cord finishes off the edge.

I'm not entirely sold on the necklace idea, and attached a safety pin to the back in case I decide to remove the neck cord and wear it on my tote bag instead of around my neck.


Caroline M said...

I like it as it is. I went through a cross stitch period until the output started backing up, my usual reason for abandoning a hobby.

katie said...

whoa! what a coincidence...i've had great blue herons on the mind for a while now of late, thinking about getting a tattoo and looking for images, saw a bunch up in New Hampshire, now this! weird!

PJ said...

This is why I love creative people...we always have that OTHER craft somewhere in our closet! Great work..Love to see more! I want to do something that I've never done- needle punch.